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Community Technology Center

What is a CTC?

A community technology center or CTC offers resources to help bridge the digital divide, primarily through the public accessing computers and the Internet. These centers are a key part of what is now being referred to as digital inclusion programs. Many centers provide training that ranges from basic computing skills to digital media production as well as applied skills (e.g. online job searching). While some CTC's are freestanding operations, many others are located in public libraries, schools, social service agencies, neighborhood centers, and religious centers. Many organizations that provide their participants and local community with technology access and training do not think of themselves first as CTC's, but share common services and needs.

Adult Literacy

Digital Literacy

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Community Development

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Promoting education

What technology means today?

Access to computers and the Internet and the ability to effectively use this technology are becoming increasingly important for full participation in America’s economy

Improving lives


CTC programs increase residents’ self-sufficiency and capacity to learn, develop their skills and talents, and help people more fully participate in community and civic affairs. The result is a more educated community, more able workforce, safer and better connected community. CT programs also help develop consumers of information technology products and services.

The application of information and communications technology to education, human services, workforce training, civic engagement and community development is a rapidly evolving (and relatively young) field. Just as in the development of technology for the business sector, this takes training, strategic planning, and strategic investment. Successful CT C programs are integrated into regular programs and service delivery, but this requires the development and sustainability of specific expertise, program content and infrastructure.